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Product Details

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Holographic Musion Eyeliner Foil 3D Hologram Projector System Pepper Ghost

Image Floating in the Air

Big Size 8x30m

HD Clear Image Quality

Come with Mount Kits, Easy to Install
  • SH-F
  • Smax
  • 9010600000
Product Description

Our Eyeliner Stage holographic foil is a high definition holographic video projection screen allowing spectacular 3-dimensional moving images to appear within a live stage setting using Peppers Ghost technology. This Eyeliner foil brings dramatic, previously unseen 21st century video film effects to live events, including audiovisual artistic performances, conference or trade show presentations, retail displays and large-scale digital signage.

This thin metalized film is placed across the front of the stage at an angle of 45 degrees towards the audience; recessed below the screen is a bright image supplied by an LED screen or powerful projector. When viewed from the audience's perspective, the reflected images appear to be on the stage.

3d Holographic System hologram - 副本

System Elements Including

  • HD projector and lens - number of lumens depending on size of required projection, stage and audience.

  • Reflective surface/The bounce screen

  • HD media player - to run the HD content.

  • Our 3D-holofilm - the key ingredient to creating our 3D holographic displays.

  • Our unique tension system to secure the 3D-holofilm in place.

  • Steel pipe frame to attach 3D-holofilm to the truss.

  • Stage set-up essentially a “black box" constructed using aluminum truss, black drapes, staging, lights, and a audio system.

  • 3D holographic Content Creation of a 3D-video produced HD film, animation and special effects.

  • Lighting and audio systems to add to the dramatic 3D hologram effect.

Holographic 3d Eyeliner Foil


  • Beam your CEO onto the stage as a 3D hologram. He could then give a speech to an audience.

  • Show off your company logo and latest product as a spinning, animating 3D hologram.

  • Allow a real presenter or celebrity to have a conversation with a virtual version of them.

  • Have 1 live concert performance live while streaming the performance to different cities and locations at the same time.



Holographic Foil
30m 95um
Viewing Angle


Extremely flexible, scalable and quick to install, It will bring your event alive in any environment. From gigantic concerts to intimate holographic gigs, get ready to take centre stage and see your audience beam back at you with wonder.


While more expansive one-off events have their place, it can be permanently installed around the world. That way, the impact you create stays with you, forever. And your audiences will always associate you with incredible memories that are available to revisit again and again.

Perfect for museums, visitor attractions, business communication, retail, point of sale and any other static environment, permanent installations can fit any location, match any branding and bring your content to life.

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