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2.35:1 HD Curved Projection Screen Curved Frame Screen for Cinema

Curved Fixed-Frame screen is designed for the most dedicated and enthusiast-oriented applications. Featuring an advanced curved aluminum structure with the goal of creating an image made to fit the natural curvature of the human eye, this screen brings the immersive theatre experience to your home on another level.
  • CH120

  • Smax

  • 9010600000

Product Description

Curved Fixed Frame Screens are perfect for cinemas or simulation application. Using an advanced aluminum structure with the goal of creating an image made to fit the natural curve of the human eyes; this screen brings high definition viewing another level.

Curved Screen is a proprietary screen technology solution designed for in particular for simulation and training application. Curve screen can come in different radius, various surface finishing.



  • Aluminum frame with black velvet borders to absorb over projected images

  • Special angular connections, frames can be assembled

  • Easy to attach screen fabric to the frame by spring system

  • A sense of presence in the Displaying content is achieved

  • An immersive around visual experience occurs

  • The curve design ensures that light travels the same distance to reach any point of the screen thus creating a properly proportioned image.

  • Ease of installation, wall mounted come with brackets

  • Floor stands can be available for large frame screens

  • 1Cm, 6Cm,7Cm,10Cm width frame for choose

frame size

Curved screens do deliver more light to the viewer but the seating for best viewing is somewhat more limited than that for flat screens as the light does not reflect as well peripherally. Therefore the prime seating area is smaller.



Home Cinema、Digital Cinema、Business presentations、Simulation、Entertainment venues etc.

  • Front Projection HD Flexible White Screen
  • Front Projection HD Flexible Grey
  • Front 3D Silver Screen
  • Front HD Perforated Screen
  • Front Acoustically Woven Screen
  • Rear Projection Grey

FlexiWhite 1  FlexiGray SilverScreen 1

FlexiRear 2  Acoustically Woven Fabric  PVC045-Perforated-White


Model No. Size Format View Area Packing Size Gross Weight
Inch Unit: mm Unit: mm Unit: Kgs
CH84 84" 16:09 1860 x 1040 2200x210x160 19
CH92 92" 2030 x 1150 2380x210x160 20
CH100 100" 2210 x 1240 2560x210x160 23
CH106 106" 2350 x 1320 2700x210x160 24
CH120 120" 2650 x 1490 3000x210x160 25
CH133 133" 2950 x 1660 3280x210x160 33
CH150 150" 3310 x 1860 3670x210x160 38
CH180 180" 3980 x 2240 4330x210x160 45
CH200 200" 4420 x 2490 4770x210x160 53
CW86 86" 2.35:1 2000 x 850 2360x210x160 19
CW98 98" 2300 x 980 2660x210x160 24
CW113 113" 2650 x 1130 3040x210x160 25
CW128 128" 3000 x 1280 3350x210x160 30
CW140 140" 3300 x 1400 3650x210x160 38
Curved Projector screen

fixed frame tension system


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