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Shenzhen Smax Screen Co. Ltd is a professional company specializing in the R&D, production and export of all kinds of Projector Screens since 2004. 

More than 14 years’ OEM & ODM experiences, we are a leading China projector screen manufacturer with 50,000 units screens monthly. 

SMAX’s mission: Because the Focus, so Professional.

We are honor to OEM & ODM for famous European Brand.


Focus on Projection Screen and 3D Hologram Solution more than 15 years


Production Capacity

More than 50,000 pcs projector screens per month



Sales Channels

Sell to more than 50 countries and areas



Quality Inspection

Large Stock and quick delivery 100% quality checking before shipment

Safe Transportation

Safety export carton packing full insurance for shipment



OEM&ODM, can be customized according to specifications from clients


24H online & quick response



Additional Service

Installation, content design, related product search


Highlight Products

Hologram Display
Some Customer Evaluations
Hi July Tang
Thank you Mrs. July, and once again, thanks for fast, clear and good information. Excellent service.
Hello Tina.
We have put the screen up and all is looking good, Thank You.
Tina do you sell OPTOMA data projectors?
Regards Mike
Hi Alina,
Thank you so much! We have received the 2 films. Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated! It was a pleasure working with you.
If my experiment is a success, we will definitely be ordering many more.
Meanwhile, have a great day ahead!
Thanks and best regards,Vidushi Balani
Hi Alina,
Yes everything arrived fine after long discussions with the customs.
There was no damage and at the moment we are working to create first films for the pyramid.
Thanks for your best service.
Best regards Michael
Yes we received the software. The device works perfect. Thank you for the quick response.
Best regards
Hello, we already received the hologram device, we are very happy with the image quality. Thank you for the fast delivery.
Best regards, Syed Akramul

This is a fantastic screen! We were able to assemble our 120-inch diagonal screen quite easily, following the included directions. It took two of us just about 20 minutes, mainly because we were taking our time and being very deliberate with each step. The workmanship is superb. Everything lined up perfectly. The material reflects our projector very well. It looks great in a dark room as well as with some ambient light in the room.

Best regards-- Kyko Ruiz

The screen is well build and fairly easy to install. You will need two people and plenty of space.The picture is great and I would highly recommend this screen to anyone looking for a good quality screen at a good price.--- Jonathan Adler

The screen is excellent very well packaged very simple to put together good picture quality I have the cinea white with an epson 1090 home cinema I see no reason to buy grey my projector works great with lights on excellent screen.-- Adam Morgan

Looks great and instructions are very good. I would recommend it!--- Eric E. Smith

I have to say it is a Thing Of Beauty! I was slightly worried about 4k micro-perf on a such an inexpensive screen, but I assure you that worry was absolutely, utterly unfounded. Years later I'm still amazed by the jaw-dropping clarity.--- James P Genslinger

I’m very happy with the new screen. Ceiling Light rejection works well. The packaging and instructions were great and the screen arrived sooner than expected..--- Pascal Winter

Great picture quality! I love this screen! This is my first projector screen and I was not disappointed. And I chose Cinewhite because again I have a light controlled room, and even with the lights on it's still a great picture. The brightness of the white screen kept catching my eye.Assembly was easier than I thought it would be. --George L. Bonds Jr.

For the price, this screen is fantastic. I put it together by myself in about 10 minutes. Whether I’m playing a game, watching sports or a movie, the picture looks awesome. The contrast is great as well, just know what you are getting. I bought a white screen knowing that the room I placed it in can be blacked out. A white screen will give you the best colors obviously, the only drawback as with any white screen is you get a washed out image when there are lights on. One of my best amazon purchases by far!--- Chris Majestic


This screen arrived packaged very well. I love the micro bezel this Frame has and the aluminum build was easy to assemble and uniform tightness around the entire material. The overall build took around an hour and I think the white gloves are a nice touch and shows they are thinking about quality. Overall very good screen for the price..-- Jason Thuman

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