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Electric Projector Motorized Projection Screen With Matte White For Education

Format: 1:1, 4:3 , 16:9

Fabric: Matte White

Customized: Available

OEM&ODM: Avaiable
  • ES120

  • Smax

  • 901060000

Product Description

Electric Screens are perfect for any classroom or office. Electric projection screen is one of the most technically advance screens today, with motor device, you can control the screen using In-line Switch or remote controller, the screen can be stop at any position. Perfectly flat screen fabric surface ensure images are perfect. The screen is widely used in hotels, business centers, meeting rooms, schools, small cinemas, entertainment centers etc.



  • High quality spraying painting metal casing is shaped by punch machine, strong and elegant, white or black color is available

  • Use the best quality screen fabric to ensure perfect flat surface

  • Equipped synchronous motor, low noise and cost but stable quality, tubular motor is optional. The biggest screen size for synchronous motor is 150”.

  • Ease of installation, wall or ceiling mounted are available
  • Standard with In-line Switch, Remote controller is optional to control the screen friendly

electric projection screen for office


Education、Business presentations、Hotel、Cinema、Entertainment venues etc.

Electric Screen For Office
Model   No. Size Format View Area Housing Size Packing Size Gross Weight
Inch Unit:mm Unit:mm Unit:mm Unit:Kgs
ES60 60"x60" 1:1 1520x1520 1780x94x80 1870×150×135 9.5
ES70 70"x70" 1800x1800 2030x94x80 2120×150×135 10.8
ES80 80"x80" 2030x2030 2290x94x80 2400×150×135 12
ES84 84"x84" 2130x2130 2330x94x80 2480×150×135 12.8
ES96 96"x96" 2440x2440 2640x94x80 2800×150×135 14.8
EV72 72" 4:3 1460x1100 1720x94x80 1810×150×135 8.5
EV84 84" 1710x1280 1960x94x80 2050×150×135 9.5
EV92 92" 1860x1400 2140x94x80 2230×150×135 10.4
EV100 100" 2030x1520 2310x94x80 2400×150×135 11.5
EV120 120" 2440x1830 2710x94x80 2800×150×135 13.7
EV150 150" 3050x2290 3310x94x80 3400×150×135 16.5
EH84 84" 16:9 1860x1040 2120x94x80 2230×150×135 10.6
EH92 92" 2030x1150 2290x94x80 2380×150×135 11.4
EH100 100" 2210x1240 2490x94x80 2580×150×135 11.9
EH106 106" 2350x1320 2630x94x80 2740×150×135 12.3
EH120 120" 2650x1490 2930x94x80 3020×150×135 14.7
EH150 150" 3310x1860 3650x94x80 3730×150×135 17.5


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