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Holographic Projection Restaurant

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In recent years, with the continuous development of cultural expression forms, technologies and carriers, and the continuous improvement of tourists’ requirements for the depth of cultural experience, immersive cultural tourism and performing arts have received widespread attention as an important new cultural tourism format and have become an important factor in promoting culture and tourism. An important carrying form of deep integration.

Through careful design, immersive experience gives people the feeling of being in a virtual world. It is widely used in various scenarios and is highly sought after by all walks of life. During the journey, through interactive experiences such as sight, touch, hearing, and smell created by immersive projection technology, tourists seem to have entered another fantasy world.


In terms of food, more and more businesses will choose holographic projection restaurants as a novel application form. Through immersive projection technology and holographic interactive equipment, the restaurant not only has a full sense of design, but also enhances visitors' experience and fun.


Taking advantage of the enveloping immersive environment, visitors feel as if they are sitting in a desert, snow mountain, or under the sea when dining. Not only are there accompanied by the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, but there are also wonderful scenes such as schools of fish swimming around with their tails wagging, ripples of sea water flowing freely on the dining table.


Using multimedia interaction, the projector will turn the dining table into an interesting stage, placing animations of chefs cooking on the table, or directly displaying ingredients. Customers can also have a lot of fun while waiting for their meals.

During the tour, regular scenery can also take on a new look through 3D Mapping technology. It makes ancient buildings and cultural relics "move". Now many scenic spots or museums have adopted this technology, which can greatly enhance tourists' interest in visiting. For some exhibits of relatively high value, immersive projection technology can also be used for exhibitions, which not only allows visitors to participate in history immersively, but also protects the exhibits well and increases the public's understanding of history.


With the rapid rise of the Internet and artificial intelligence, various immersive experiences have exploded one after another. The reason is that its unique interactivity and experience satisfy the new expectations of contemporary young people for a better life, and also allow more tourists to feel the unique charm of holographic technology.

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