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Laser Projectors Create Immersive Light And Shadow Space

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The light and shadow art exhibition "Tracing the Classic of Mountains and Seas" landed in Hangzhou. The exhibition was carefully created by 18 5300 Lumens laser engineering projectors. The 360-degree multi-sensory immersive light and shadow space allows the audience to travel back to the ancient times and experience the immersive journey of the world of mountains and seas. The ancient mythical beasts are transformed into human personalities, allowing more people to further experience China's traditional culture. This summer, come and experience the wonderful visual feast on site!

SMX MX-VL720U 7200 lumens 1920x1200 3LCD Laser Projector for immersive projection

Every detail and every innovation demonstrates our expertise and passion for projection technology. The SMX projector achieves ultra-high resolution, ultra-high brightness, and wide color gamut. It highly restores the color of the picture, presenting a delicate and vivid visual effect.



  • High Brightness 7200 Lumen Laser projector

  • 5,000,000:1 high ontrast ratio

  • Long-lasting 30,000-hour laser and phosphor light source

  • Wide-ranging compatibility with native WUXGA resolution, plus UXGA and 4K support

  • Convenient 1.6:1 manual zoom and focus lens

  • Boasts horizontal, vertical and corner keystone correction, plus pincushion/barrel and hexagonal geometric correction

  • Supports wired network control

  • Compatible with Crestron RoomView and AMX Device Discovery Technology

  • Built-in 16W amplifier and speaker system with closed caption decoding

Immersive projection, with its unique artistic charm and technological advantages, is gradually changing the public's perception and experience, and opening up a new sensory enjoyment. With the continuous advancement of future technology, SMX projection will play a role in more industries and bring more surprises and touches to users.

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