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Simulation Dome Projection Screen, Projection domes 3 meter diameter

Dome projection is a high-tech installation involving sophisticated integration of software & hardware, and complicated alignment & calibration process. This innovative technology allows content to be seamlessly displayed on the interior of a hemisphere.
  • SMD3.0

  • SMAX

The DOME screen is an immersive, dome-shaped 360-degree projection system. It features extra high resolution with edge-blended images from multiple projectors.  Together with the content such as 360 movies or real-time interactive applications, the audiences are completely embraced by computer-generated images and immersed in virtual worlds.


 hemispherical dome displays, fulldome theaters and the recently-introduced panoramic displays. SMAX Screen is available in three (3) different construction types:

·        Fabric:
Aluminum framework with reverse pressure screen.

·        Hard-shell:
Molded plastic or fiberglass-reinforced plastic screen.

·        Desktop:
A hard shell or fabric display that fits on a desktop.

On a custom basis we can provide displays of most any size up to 50-meters in diameter. Alternative configurations also include our horizontally-mounted TopDome (especially appropriate for certain flight-simulation applications), as well as tilted or raked domes

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Projection   Domes Dimension Area(Square Meter) Ridge height(m) Capacity Wind load(km/h)
 Item No. (m)
SMD03 3m/10ft 7.06 2 7   -10  100
SMD05 5m/16ft 19.6 2.5 20-25 100
SMD06 6m/20ft 28.2 3.5 28-30 100
SMD08 8m/27ft 50 4.8 50-60 100
SMD10 10m/33ft 78.5 5.8 65-100 100
SMD15 15m/ 50ft 176.6 7.8 135-300 100
SMD20 20m/67ft 314 10 250-550 100
SMD25 25m/84ft 490.6 12 500-950 100
SMD30 30m/100ft 706.5 15.0m 650-1200  100
SMD40 40m/134ft 1256 20.0m 1300-2500  100
SMD45 45m/ 150ft 1590 22.0m 1500-3000  100
SMD50 50m/167ft 1962.5 25.0m 1800-3500  100



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