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Flight Simulator Projection Screen

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Flight Simulator Projection Screen

SMX DISPLAY Technology Company developed a high quality cylindrical projection screen suitable for most simulators. It comes different diameter and FOV.

Standard projection screens are available in the following sizes:
4000mm diameter, 180 degree curved projection screen
4500mm diameter, 200 degree curved projection screen
5000mm diameter, 220 degree curved projection screen

6000mm diameter, 270 degree curved projection screen

10000mm diameter, 360 degree curved projection screen
Custom design and size available on request.


The frame is made from Heavy Duty Aluminum with black velvet which looks very luxury.

The projection screen is a Seamless Heavy Duty 1.0 Grain fabric ensuring a glair free and undistorted projection at all time.

The frame and screen are flat packed to reduce shipping cost.
In the pack is a comprehensive guide manual how to assemble the frame, mount and tension the screen fabric.

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