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What is Simulation Curved Projection Screen

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Shenzhen smax screen co., limited is focusing on production of all kinds of projection screens in China since 2004, we can accept to produce customized screens according to customers’ requirements.

SMAX’s multi-channel curved projection screen is custom made upon your request. Any degree and shape of projection screen is available for single or multi-projector displays. 120 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree, 360 degree, and any other custom degree curved projection screen.


These screens integrate well into flight simulation, immersion game, 180 degree car racing games. 

The wide viewing format screen material provides uniform color and brightens perfect for edge blended images via short or ultra-short projectors used in simulators and games.
These 180 degree projection screens can be front or rear view and with or without floor stands and rear enclosed if required.

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