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Asian Games Museum uses advanced projection technology to explore the infinite possibilities of the future

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Looking across the country, the immersive experience of "technology + cultural relics" in museums has been praised, and the artistic creation of stage plays has been unprecedented; cultural tourism and creative products are leading the trend... "Let cultural relics speak, let history speak, let culture speak" new forms and new explorations emerge in an endless stream, and the audience can transcend the constraints of time and space and experience the reappearance of history in person. ‍‍

The "Asian Games and Asia" exhibition hall of the Hangzhou Asian Games Museum innovatively uses advanced digital technology, wonderful light and shadow effects, futuristic sound effects and other cutting-edge scientific and technological techniques to design a super-subject, borderless, and highly infectious 400fully immersive space, vividly interpreting the four chapters of "cohesion", "transcendence", "symbiosis", and "leap", and creatively interpreting the spiritual connotations of "community of human destiny", "not just on the field", "harmonious coexistence between man and nature", and "sports defending the instinct of life" with abstract visual effects, conveying to people the higher pursuit of the Asian Games and better than competition.


Advanced projection technology has added infinite charm and fun to the museum. The audience seems to be at the Asian Games, enjoying the wonderful moments of the game with the pictures on the screen. In this immersive space, a unique light and shadow swimming lane comes into view. Passing through the light and shadow swimming lane, the magnificent "Charm of Asia" appears before your eyes. In the perfect intersection of "technological power + light and shadow art", you can feel the excitement of the Asian Games.


This time, the Hangzhou Asian Games Museum uses 30 RL-6250UT and 3 RL-HU700 closed laser engineering projectors of a certain brand to perfectly splice and integrate, achieving ultra-high resolution, ultra-high brightness, and wide color gamut image quality effects, and panoramically displaying the history and cultural imprint of the Asian Games for more than 70 years. Each scene is like a carefully painted scroll, with rich colors and distinct layers, bringing the audience an extraordinary visual impact.

Display technology is an important indicator for measuring projectors. The projector is equipped with advanced 3LCD projection technology, which highly restores the color of the picture, presents delicate and vivid visual effects, and depicts every detail of the Hangzhou Asian Games vividly, so that the audience can enjoy the fun brought by projection more at ease. At the same time, the exclusively developed fully enclosed optical machine design is also one of the highlights of the projector, which can effectively isolate dust, improve picture quality and stability, and extend the service life of the projector.



Technology leadership opens up new horizons, innovation and change break through waves. In the interweaving of light and shadow, we continue to pursue novelty and uniqueness, and explore the infinite possibilities of the future with a technological leadership. Every detail and every innovation demonstrates our professionalism and love for projection technology, and embodies our ingenuity. Let us cross the boundaries of light and shadow together, open up a new horizon, witness the wonderful moments of each scene, and feel every focus moment!

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