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Immersive Projection, Immersive Projection Equipment, Immersive 3D Mapping Projection System

What Is Immersive Projection? At its most basic, immersive projection is the use of multiple screens in a “cave”-style setup so that you sit between the side screens. It is starting to show up in state-of-the-art movie theaters. Also, some people are beginning to put multiple screens in home theaters.
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Immersive Projection, Immersive Projection Equipment,

 Immersive 3D Mapping Projection System

Classification of Immersive Projection

Immersive projection is one of the forms of projection, and there are the following kinds of common immersive projection:

barco7-2040.0.0 (1)

First, the arc curtain projection

Arc-curtain projection is the seamless splicing effect of super-large projection pictures, it is through projection fusion technology, which can be customized to any radian. Arc-curtain projection can be designed according to the actual site, creating a shocking immersion effect.

screen 2

Second, the ring projection

Ring-screen projection is a projection technology that takes a ring, an arc or a curved surface as a projection screen. Ring-screen projection surrounds the audience in the ring screen, and the super-large picture presented can completely meet the visual requirements of the audience. In addition, the surrounding stereo sound effects and film content create an immersive audio-visual feast.

ring screen projection

Third, Sky-screen projection

Sky-screen projection is a novel special-shaped projection method, which is characterized in that the projection screen is above our heads, and the projection screen can be a ceiling or an LED splicing screen, which can give people a shocking visual sense.

sky screen

Forth, L-shaped folding screen projection

L-shaped folding screen projection is generally composed of two screens or directly with the help of the wall and the ground, and then two projectors and projection fusion technology are used to create a perfect and seamless picture. L-shaped folding screen projection can produce an immersive experience without any equipment.

frame screen 1

What is a good projector for immersive projections?

Creating the believable illusion of another world is not easy, but with the right immersive projector you can make it work!



Laser projector with 12000 lumens for immersive projection system.

Display   Panel 3x0.76”
Display Technology Liquid Crystal Display
Native Resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200)


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