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The newest Immersive Projection

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Classification of Immersive Projection

Immersive projection is one of the forms of projection, and there are the following kinds of common immersive projection:

First, the arc curved projection screen

Arc-curtain projection is the seamless splicing effect of super-large projection pictures through projection fusion technology, which can be customized to any radian. Arc-curtain projection can be designed according to the actual site, creating a shocking immersion effect.


1.Visual impact. Cool pictures give the audience a strong immersive experience, coupled with stereo effects, which can have a strong sense of audio-visual impact.

2.Personalized  customization. the arc curtain can be determined according to the site environment and specific requirements, so the size and radian of the arc curtain can be customized.

3.Strong stereoscopic impression. The 30-degree viewing effect can make the audience have stereoscopic visual effect.

4.Flexibility .It supports a variety of sources and is very flexible in use.


Second, the ring projection

Ring-screen projection is a projection technology that takes a ring, an arc or a curved surface as a projection screen. Ring-screen projection surrounds the audience in the ring screen, and the super-large picture presented can completely meet the visual requirements of the audience. In addition, the surrounding stereo sound effects and film content create an immersive audio-visual feast.


1.Multi-channel seamless splicing makes the projected picture more complete and clear.

2. You can choose a variety of projection methods, such as rear projection and front projection, which shortens the projection distance.

3.The special projection method greatly enhances the layering of the image.

4.The size can be adjusted according to specific requirements, and the flexibility is strong.

5.Because of the use of multiple projectors and edge fusion technology, the resolution of the picture is higher.

6.Immersive audio-visual experience is unmatched by other projection methods.

7.Support multiple source playback.

8. Showing projected images with high-tech is fashionable and shocking.

screen 2

Third, Sky-screen projection

Sky-screen projection is a novel special-shaped projection method, which is characterized in that the projection screen is above our heads, and the projection screen can be a ceiling or an LED splicing screen, which can give people a shocking visual sense.


1.Size: The projected picture and area size can be customized according to the customer's needs.

2.Content customization: The projected content can be customized according to the demand effect and the site demand.

3.Interactivity: You can add an interactive system to increase the interactive experience effect of the Sky-screen  projection.

4.Shocking effect: The combination of projection picture and stereo surround sound can create a more realistic and shocking visual effect.

sky screen

Forth, L-shaped folding screen projection

L-shaped folding screen projection is generally composed of two screens or directly with the help of the wall and the ground, and then two projectors and projection fusion technology are used to create a perfect and seamless picture. L-shaped folding screen projection can produce an immersive experience without any equipment.


1.Flexibility: screen projection installation is very convenient, with simple equipment and strong flexibility.

2.High cost performance: Compared with other immersion projection, the cost of L-shaped folding screen is lower, but the projection picture is not bad, so the cost performance is high.

3.Wide application: The projection content of the folded curtain projection can be customized, which has low requirements for the installation environment and is suitable for various fields.


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