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laser projector large holographic projection for Live Performance

Highly transparent and extra-wide 3d projection gauze screen for large holographic projection for Live Performance 3D hologram effects.
  • SM-HG

  • SMX

  • 90106000

Highly transparent and extra-wide 3D projection gauze screen for large scale 3D hologram projection effects.


This highly transparent gauze has an exceptional width of 9 meter and length of 100 meter.

Create large and seamless hologram projections on a mesh scrim.

Extremely lightweight and foldable, very easy to transport. 

It's the perfect holographic projection screen material.

Set up the holo gauze screen in minutes.

Attach it to a truss, lighting bar or frame.

Tensioning the gauze on all 4 sides.

Using the right projector are key to obtain the best results with this 3D projection screen.

1.Model number: Holo-Gauze

2.Technology: Flexible Hologram Screen for creating pepper ghost hologram

3. Projection type: Front Projection AA, Rear Projection A+

4. Custom sizes available up to 9 meters high, length is no limited

5. Gain: 2.-2.4

6. Transmittance: 78%

7. Density: 10 holes per centimeter

8. Style: Eyelets for frame mounted, motorized

9. Material: 94 % polyamide 



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