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Heavy duty projector ceiling mounts projector hanger 1meter

Heavy Duty Projector Mount is designed to simplify the installation and alignment of heavy, large venue projectors. Universal mounts are not recommended for these heavy projectors as they can be difficult to balance which can lead to projector sag over time.
  • SMPM1.0F
  • SMX

Heavy Duty Ceiling Projector Mount is a ceiling mounted, universal projector mount designed to mount projectors up to 50kg.


1) Refined from high-quality carbon steel pipe + high-quality cold-rolled plate (SPCC), strong and reliable

 PM01          PM09  

2) Adjust the inclination angle to 15 degrees, the tube body can be rotated at a large angle, which is convenient for positioning

3) Super compatible, can be adjusted to various angles and lengths, suitable for more than 98% projectors

PM05     PM03

4) Universal claw design, easy to adjust

5) The wire can be routed inside the tube, and the wire will not be exposed outside, which is more beautiful and elegant


Adjustable length 500-950mm 750-1450mm 1100-1950mm 1500-2950mm 2100-3950mm
Quantity of Carton 10PCS 6PCS 6PCS 6PCS 1PCS
Material cold   rolled  steel Rotation   angle 360° Adjustable   angle of X axis ±30°
Loading capacity 15kg-50kg Color White/Black Adjustable   angle of Y axis ±15°


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