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Rear projection film Rear projection Window film self adhesive from roll

Width: 1.5m

Length: 30m

Color: 8 type

MOQ: 1.5x5m
  • SM-4K

  • Smax

  • 9010600000

The transparent clear projection film for holographic projection achieves a great extraordinary image. The clear film provides high contrast and wide viewing angle. If the film is not illuminated by projector, it stays transparent which enables you to see through the projection screen. In that way clear is ideally suitable for interior shop windows or for exterior window installations.

Our film is perfect for shop window, it can be see through, high transmittance, width view angle, and durable more than 5 years.It is easy to cut in any shape, logo, product shape, perfect hologram effect when it turn it, and use as a normal glass when turn off.

Window use Projection Film


  • Wide viewing angle

  • Performs exceptionally well even inhigh ambient lighting or bright daylight conditions

  • True colour reproduction from any angle.

  • Can be cut to any shape and size.

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Can be applied to rigid & clear acrylic panels to create easily-portable displays

  • Available in 30m,20m,10m, 5m, or 2,5m rolls x 1.52m wide.



  • Presentations

  • Fabric trades

  • Advertising of Glass Widnow

  • Point of Sale& Point of Purchase Screens

  • Interior & Design

  • Information Centers, Museums

High Transmittance Holographic Projection Film

ITEM Unit SM-T Series SM-W Series SM-G Series SM-HG Series SM-HB Series
Transparent White Gray Dark Gray Natural Black
Thickness 100 110 100 100 125
Film width mm 1524 1524 1524 1524 1524
Film length m 30 30 30 30 30
Self adhesive  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transmittance % 92 No No No No
View angle ° 175 150 150 150 150
500:1 800:1 800:1 800:1 1000:1
Projection Type
Rear Front&Rear Front&Rear Front&Rear Front&Rear
Features -




High   Brightness High Contrast High Contrast

Natural Color


Application - Indoor  Indoor/Outdoor  Indoor/Outdoor  Indoor/Outdoor  Indoor/Outdoor 

(Shop window,Advertising Display) 

(Advertising window,Home cinema,Pubs) (Advertising window,Home cinema,Pubs) (Advertising window,Home cinema,Pubs) (Advertising window,Home cinema,Pubs)


Specification of High Transmittance Projection Film

Figures of High Transmittance Projection Film


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