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Product Details


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350'' Movie Screen fast fold projection screen front projection rear projection screen with drape kits

The Fast-Fold Screens are designed for versatility and durability in rental and staging environments,
  • FF35043

  • smax

  • 9010600000

Product Description

Fast Fold Mobile Screens are perfect for convenient mobile usage. Using flexible front or rear screen material to ensure the screen surface perfect flat. Its aluminum foldable joint frame design makes the best performance with fast and easy installation. Supplied with flight case for every screen, the screen is widely used for presenters on the move for indoor/outdoor events, exhibitions, conference usage.

Big Size fast folded projector screen

  • The innovative fold-and-lock mechanism helps make setup and takedown easy. It also ensures the frame is firm and secure when in use. The solid corner design adds safety by helping increase the rigidity of the overall structure. The professionally designed frame is sturdy yet light and easy to transport.

  • The Customized Projector Screen is fixed by multiple points on each frame bar, this ensures the screen will be installed flat and wrinkle-free

  • All pieces including the frame, support and screen fabric are designed to fir into one case which greatly saves space for transportation. The designer commercial carrying case combines heavy duty functionality with style.

  • Compact & Durable

Fast Fold Screen Details

Application of The Customized Fast Fold Projector Screen           

Business Presentation






And other large mobile presentations and performances, etc.

Fast Fold Projection Screen For Sale

  • Flexible Front Projection White

  • Flexible Rear Projection Gray

  • Flexible 3D Silver

Model   No. Size Format View Area Border Size Frame Size Packing Size Gross Weight
 W x H LxWxH
Inch Unit: mm Unit: mm Unit: mm Unit: mm Unit: Kgs
FF10043 100" 4:03 2030×1520 75 32x32 1200x250x250 41
FF12043 120" 2440×1830 75 32x32 1200x350x250 48
FF15043 150" 3050×2290 75 32x32 1380x350x250 53
FF18043 180" 3660×2740 75 32x32 1550x350x250 58
FF20043 200" 4060x3040 75 32x32 1700x350x250 60
FF25043 250" 5080x3810 100 36x64 1740×455×540 102
FF30043 300" 6090x4560 100 36x64 1740×455×540 130
FF35043 350" 7110x5330 100 36x64 140
FF40043 400" 8120x6090 100 36x64
FF100169 100" 16:09 2210×1240 75 32x32 1200x250x250 43
FF120169 120" 2650×1490 75 32x32 1200x350x250 50
FF150169 150" 3320×1860 75 32x32 1380x350x250 56
FF180169 180" 3980x2240 75 32x32 1550x350x250 62
FF200169 200" 4420x2490 75 32x32 1700x350x250 64
FF250169 250" 5500x3110 100 36x64 1740×455×540 120
FF300169 300" 6640x3700 100 36x64 1740×455×540 140

Installation of Fast Fold Projection Screen


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