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The kinds of Projection Screen Display

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 According to the development of projection technology, we divide the projection screen display into two large blocks: the traditional projection screen and the emerging holographic screen projection.。

1.      Projection Screen

Projection screens are one of the most commonly used products in projector peripherals, most commonly used in multimedia classrooms and theaters. With the development of projection technology, the popularity of projectors in multimedia education, engineering demonstrations, theaters, etc., projection screens are increasingly recognized and valued by people. Projector screens include:

Education series screens: electric screens, manual screens, tripod screens, floor screen.;

Cinema Series screens: motorized tab tensioned screens, fixed frame screens, curved frame screens, 3D silver screens, Ambient Light Rejection Screen etc ;

Large project series screens: Large motorized screen, fast folding screen, 180 degree Circular Projection Screen, 360 degree circle simulator screen, Simulation Dome Projection etc.

The expansion of education, government, business and home markets will still be the mainstream of market sales. Education, as the main application field of the projection market, has always occupied a major position in the market.

2.New Holographic Screen Projection

The principle of holographic projection technology is to use the interference and diffraction of light to image and reproduce the true three-dimensional image of an object through a certain medium. It is a virtual imaging technology. Users can view 3D images with naked eyes at different angles without the need to wear 3D stereo glasses or other auxiliary equipment. The holographic projection technology not only allows the audience to see the three-dimensional aerial illusion, but also enables the performer to interact with the three-dimensional aerial illusion, complete the performance together, and produce a stunning performance of the stage dance beauty, applicable range of new product exhibitions, automobile clothing Conferences, stage dances, interactive projections of bar entertainment venues, etc. Holographic projection can be mainly divided into the following three categories: holographic rear projection or direct projection holographic projection and light reflection holographic projection, wherein the reflective holographic projection is divided into a 360 degree holographic projection and a 180 degree holographic projection.

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