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China front&rear projection screen with eyelets

3D, Front Projection, Rear Projection

Customized Size, up to 4.6x50m

Light Weight, Flod in Small Size
  • Eyelets

  • Smax

  • 9010600000

Product Description

Diffuses projected light uniformly and provides clear scenes with optimal image and color reproduction! Can make extra large screen with eyelets and black binding according to your design and size requirements. The widest size for front&rear projection is to be 4.8*50m without any joints, Eyelets Screen is available with projection screen fabrics in large dimensions. Easy installation and disassembly ,broadly applicable projection screen stretched on frame using eyelets and elastic cords.

Eyelets Projector Screen

Features of Screen  

  • Easy-Installation: eyeholes and peel-and-stick hooks reserved at perfect position and size offer user-friendly installation, make plug-and-use instantly at hands.

  • Room-saving: Light-weight Built with foldability and portability to always fit for any indoor and outdoor uses.

  • Front & Rear Projection: This simple projector screen is designed with suitable thickness for not only front projection at home, but also rear projection at outdoor activities.

Large Eyelets Projector Screen


  • Flexible White Screen Fabric

  • Flexible Grey Screen Fabric

  • Flexible Rear Screen Fabric

  • Silver Flexible 3D Screen Fabric


Eyelets Projector Screen


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