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Hologram Artists — The Future of Live Performance

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Hologram Artists — The Future of Live Performance

Hologram is taking live concerts to the next level. We use hologram technology capable of bringing the past Artists “back from the dead”.

This technology called Pepper’ Ghost.


Pepper’s Ghost: a technology from the 19th century used in theater. The idea was to project an image giving the illusion that there was someone physically there. Snoop Dog used this tech to include the deceased rapper 2Pac at Coachella in 2012 that you can watch here. They transformed a live actor into 2Pac with CGI and his image was broadcasted onto a reflective surface which then bounced onto a transparent foil screen. This endeavor needs a big and firm structure to hold the tension on this screen, so it makes it difficult for a tight touring schedule.


Shenzhen SMX DISPLAY technology company provided this hologram projection system to one of US concert performance, the Artist on the stage was a died singer, through this pepper ghost hologram system, the Artist comes back to stage. Our Old Musicians Never Die. They Just Become Hologram.



What we can supply is: The pepper ghost transparent holo film, The tension mounting system and The Bounce Screen for projection. The Holo Film is used for displaying 3D holographic images onto the stages using Peppers Ghost technology, the foil is placed across the front of the stage at an angle of 45 degrees towards the audience.


Hologram-front-s(02-17-09-58-06)  Hologram-and-bou(02-17-09-58-06)

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