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What is holographic mesh projection screen

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     Holo-Gauze is a highly reflective and transparent projection net which supports 3D polarised projections. Its tiny, silvered threads create sharp and bright images when projected upon but are almost invisible when unlit.

    Through the research and development of new materials, SMX has designed a set of multi-functional Holographic mesh screen projections suitable for weddings, conferences, banquets, conferences and other occasions. This set of holographic mesh screen projection is divided into two parts, namely: [9m*3.5m vertical mesh screen] & [3.5m*3.5m diameter cylindrical mesh screen], the dynamic video is projected to the customized holo mesh screen through the projector On the top, a dreamy and gorgeous picture emerges. At the same time, through the splicing technology of the projection multi-channel fusion system, it is possible to complete the super-large projection. 

holoscreen 13

       The application characteristics of the holo gauze screen: 1. The audience can watch the objects behind the scrim through the pepperscrim, and can use its light transmittance for secondary imaging, which is more transparent than the traditional projection screen; 2. Facing the scene from behind the pepperscrim The light transmittance can reveal the characters or space environment hidden behind, so it is easy to express the dreamy virtual scene; 3. Projecting light from the front to the holo gauze screen can express the image drawn on the rendering veil, and projecting light to the veil from the back of the veil 4. The imaging medium formed by the holo gauze screen can provide a good imaging visual effect response. It can be used in large-scale exhibitions, especially large-scale evening parties. to shocking visual impact;

holoscreen 17

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