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China High Quality HD 400 Inch Large Motorized Projection Screen/Electric Projector Screen for Project

Big size up to 10m

Remote control up to 25m

High power tubular motor
  • DEV400

  • Smax

  • 9010600000

 Large 400 Inch Motorized Electric Projector Screen With Remote

Large Electric Projector Screen is suitable for high definition playing or presentation in location with   large space. Screen is stable with metal casing and heavy-duty tubular motor, ensures the screen remain flat and the movement smooth. Durability and functionality can be counted on for use in all large venue applications. Can be installed by wall mounted, ceiling hanged

Seamless Fabric
View area size up to 5 meters in height(means size can be up to 300” format 4:3 or 400” format 16:9)could be seamless. Seamless fabric ensures the quality of high definition playing or presentation

Remote control can control either the screen or the default extended height. The range of control is long enough to 25 meters. With a combination of up, down and stop press can conduct all movement of the projection screen.

Motorized Tab Tension Screen


  • High quality spraying painting metal casing is shaped by punch machine, strong and elegant, white or black color is available

  • Use the best quality screen fabric to ensure perfect flat surface

  • Equipped high power tubular motor to ensure big power and the long life of screen

  • Ease of installation, wall or ceiling mounted are available

  • Standard in-line switch control system with high stability and switch includes, Remote controller is optional to control the screen friendly

Main Applications     

Large Cinema

Multiple-function Hall

Auditorium, Hotel

Large Stage

Conference Room

Exhibition Center

Army System, etc.

Motorized Projection Screen

Format Size View Area

Motorized Tab Tension Screen

Motorized Projection Screen



Inch WxH(mm) WxH(mm) WxH(mm) WXH(mm) kg
4:3 200 4060x3050 4440x3350 4300x3350 120x150 54
250 5080x3810 5570x4170 5320x4170 160x200 125
300 6100x4570 6590x4930 6340x4930 220x280 138
350 7110x5330 7600x5850 7350x5850 300x360 155
400 8130x6100 8620x6620 8370x6620 300x360 178
16:9 200 4430x2490 4810x2900 4670x2900 120x150 105
250 5530x3110 6020x3570 5770x3570 160x200 122
300 6460x4035 7130x4575 6880x4575 220x280 146
350 7750x4360 8240x4980 7990x4980 300x360 165
400 8850x4980 9340x5600 9090x5600 300x360 265

  • Fiber Glass Matte White

  • Flexible Matte White

  • 3D Silver

  • Rear Projection

Detail of Motorized Projection Screen

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