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  • According to the development of projection technology, we divide the projection screen display into two large blocks: the traditional projection screen and the emerging holographic screen projection.。1. Projection ScreenProjection screens are one of the most commonly used products in projector


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  • Today we produced one 360 degree curved screen 17x2 meter, with diameter of 6.4 meter. The projection screen system CURVE consists of 64x32mm plug-in frame elements with pin-connections. Vertical supports are included to eliminate horizontal deflection and to guarantee maximum frame stability. The s


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  • Shenzhen smax screen co., limited is focusing on production of all kinds of projection screens in China since 2004, we can accept to produce customized screens according to customers’ requirements.SMAX’s multi-channel curved projection screen is custom made upon your request. Any degree and shape of


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  • The current "hologram projection" is mostly used for product display or short-term effects of some kind of live activities. There are several ways to achieve this: 1.Pepper ghost hologram projectionThe application of the early “Pepper illusion” in the stage plays system.As shown in the figure, a pie


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